Author Donna J. Thompson

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      Orphan Breanna Dawson, grew up with a burning obsession for wealth. An Internet search produces a picture of a bed & breakfast for sale in Stony Cove Maine. Brea's passionate pleas convince her live-in boyfriend, Ben Hatfield, to borrow money for half of the down payment.

    When Hollister House turns out to be a rundown mansion, Ben deserts her, but Brea finds the fortune rumored to be hidden there. She sends Ben his money back, but now he has returned demanding half of her property. Shortly after, Ben's body is discovered floating in Keller Lake.

     The sheriff thinks she's a murderer. There is a gorgeous PI begging her to allow him to become her body guard. The Mafia wants the money Ben borrowed, plus interest, she is facing daily attempts on her life, and bodies are piling up around her. It's all about the money. People are dying to take it, but will Brea be dying to keep it? 

What is happening at Lakeview?

   When beautiful Psychologist, Casey West goes to Detective Karl Larkin with a wild story about the mental hospital where she works, he quickly dismisses it. He has worked in Springfield for twenty years and Lakeview has never had a complaint lodged against it. But when Casey's friend, Trudy Madison, a nurse is brutally murdered and the management's story doesn't agree with the evidence, the detective begins to rethink Casey's story.

   Casey, begs Larkin to allow her to become his eyes and ears inside the hospital. Will she help him crack the case, or will she wind up dead like her friend? 

   Julie Cromwell is selfish, manipulative, and insecure, and those are her good qualities. Her husband, a well-known cosmetic surgeon, thinks it is because she was sexually abuse by her father when she was a child. Julie sets up a fake kidnapping to see if her husband will pay a million dollars for her safe return. Something goes wrong and she winds up dead. It's the first plot twist, but certainly not the last.

   If you like who-done-its, you will like Plot twist. It will keep you guessing to the very end.

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